Toca Life World is a life simulator. It's a sandbox game with a big world where you can do whatever you want. Would you like to create your own sim or manage stores? Then you can do it in this game. A large, diverse world is waiting for you and your creativity!

Graphic and Sound 

Toca Life World has simple, eye-catching cartoonish graphics. Great for kids and helps them explore the world a little. The characters are cute, and the environment is quite lively. The music is memorable and animates the world around you while playing and takes you to the world of life’s adventures.


Whatever you want to do in the game is up to you; this is a creative game that welcomes creativity. It has a huge game world with many locations you can easily visit. For example:

  • go treasure hunting;
  • go to school;
  • attend classes;
  • build houses;
  • create your own family;
  • meet many different characters;
  • etc.

Your actions depend only on you! True, it will take a little time to visit all the locations, so explore slowly and enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. 

Since in addition to exploring cities and building them, you can personally create your characters of any age and any appearance that you wish. Extensive character editing will not let you get bored. And for those who do not want to spend a lot of time creating a character, there is a rich department with ready-made characters. Here you will find a cool character suitable for your taste. Come make a family of 4 — no problem! A large selection of clothes and accessories will help you. You can also change the design of each room to your liking, add beds to your preferred location or walk-in closets, or create the bath of your dreams. Everything is waiting for you in Toca Life World. 

The world of Tokoboko has a new location added every month and has over 300 new characters and pets. In this world, you will find what you like and won’t have time to be bored. Every Friday, you get gifts like hats, some fireworks, or equipment. There is no multiplayer in the game, and it is designed for a solo game, so all you can interact with is the characters you will meet in the locations.

If you suddenly decide to build your own supermarket chain, be prepared to devote a lot of time to it. Since this is hard work, it is important to make it simple so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for the product or thing you need.


There is no such control in the game. Just poke the character or object you need and interact with it. And to move objects, you need to hold them and then move them where you need them. The same method is used if you want to place an object in your character's hands or head.


Toca Life World is suitable for sandbox lovers of all ages, as well as for those who love life simulators. A huge selection of activities in the game will provide an opportunity to choose an interesting activity for each person. A world that you can explore for many hours of game time, expanding more and more every month. Some of the worlds are paid for. Thus, you will have to pay to visit them, which may be quite expensive. Therefore, when buying, you need to learn more about it so you won't regret it later. All information about the world and its locations can be seen by clicking on its icon. Do what you love or make your dreams come true in Toca Life World.


  • Nice cartoon graphics
  • Lots of interesting locations
  • Great character editor.


  • Lots of paid locations.


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