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Are you someone who likes to record your thoughts? Do you prefer to write things down on your phone instead of grabbing a pen and a piece of paper? In this case, you need a simple and useful journaling app for your Android smartphone. These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to such apps but some of them are way too cluttered and overly complicated. If you appreciate simpler solutions, you may want to consider installing the EZ2 Journal application. Here you can learn more about this app.

Practicality and Simplicity of the App

If you are someone like me who prefers simplicity in the app design, you are likely to enjoy this journaling application. In terms of design, it is as simple as it gets. All you get is an opportunity to create journal entries and some basic features. You can go to Settings of the application and choose different color and theme for your app if you are not satisfied with the default ones.

A Password Feature Is Present

The majority of phones come with some type of default notepad. While they can be useful to write some quick notes, they are not suitable for extensive journaling. One of the major reasons is that anyone who picks up your phone may be able to read your notes, as most notepads are not protected with a password.
What I like about this EZ2 Journal is that it has a password feature, so anything that you write on your device remains private.

How to Use the Application

To make an entry, you should type the title first and then the actual entry. When you save it in the app, it will appear on the screen along with the date. I find this type of layout very practical, as when you open the list of entries, you can immediately see when they have been posted. The information includes the day of the week, date, and time. To the right side of each entry, there is a three-dot setting menu that you can access to rewrite your entry.

You can also add a comment to your journal entry, which will appear at the bottom when you open it. The way it works is that you will see the entire journal entry with the date and your comment will be displayed below.

All you have to do to add a new one is click on the ‘+’ sign, which is displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you need to find a specific entry, you can enter a search word into the search bar of the app. You can find it above the list of entries and it has a magnifying glass icon on it.

When you go to Settings of the app, you can see the Offline Journal feature, which means that you will be able to read your entries and write them down even if there is no Internet connection at that moment. This is also highly important, but this function is often absent in many popular journaling applications. If you don’t have a stable Internet connection to rely on, you may want to consider installing EZ2 Journal.


  • Has a password feature that ensures privacy
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Easy viewing and navigation of your journal entries
  • Free to install on your smartphone


  • Has a limited selection of features

A Straightforward Journaling Application for Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you need a journal for work or in your private life, finding a high-quality app for this purpose is important. A lot of people these days prefer using apps for writing notes instead of paper, as it is both convenient and eco-friendly. EZ2 Journal ticks all the boxes for me because it has all the basic features and doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary ones. I especially like that this app doesn’t consume a lot of space or your battery. I would recommend this app for those who want a minimalistic journaling app for an Android device.



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