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Firefox is a free browser developed by Mozilla for mobile devices providing you with a high level of security and privacy. It is independent and full of useful options. Install it right now if you are interested in speed, confidence, and a smooth browsing experience.

Design 5/5

The design is clean. You will enjoy intuitive controls that are very easy to understand. They are similar to the controls of a desktop version. Tapping an icon at the top of the interface, you will access the tabs page. You are allowed to arrange those multiple tabs as you want and tap any of it to visit the website. There is a + symbol for opening a new tab.

Content and Features 5/5

In order to protect your privacy, you can apply the Enhanced Tracking Protection option and block unwanted advertisements, stop trackers from following you when you are surfing the Internet. Or you can use Private Browsing mode, which deletes your private browsing history automatically. Anyway, browsing will be seamless. You are suggested to synchronize devices to save logins, to use your favorite bookmarks and to view browsing history on any of them at any place you are at the current moment. Password management is simple with this app because it remembers your passwords across various devices. You can benefit from a smart search bar arranging quick access to the most frequently visited web sites. Here it is possible to adjust tabs to your preferences. You can create as many tabs as you think it is convenient for you and arrange them in various ways. The app makes it simple to share links to web pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

User Experience 5/5

The application is well-done with a clear layout and comprehensive menu. It is extremely easy to use. You can count on safety here. Firefox is the fastest browser for Android and iOS devices compared to most market mobile browsers. Sync your browsing history and bookmarks across the gadgets.

Compatibility 5/5

This software requires the latest versions of Android and iOS operating systems and can be easily installed on various mobile devices.


Firefox is a very fast browser delivering reliable control over private information. Here you decide what you want to share online at any time. Enjoy smart browsing features and be sure that all your bookmarks and passwords are protected to the highest extent. As to its developer Mozilla. it is very reputable making the Internet accessible to everybody, suggesting choice and control for users. We recommend this application.


  • It has a user-friendly interface;
  • One of the speediest mobile browsers;
  • It is highly reliable and secure;
  • There is a desktop mode setting sites open and making badges apparent.


  • Bugs are possible.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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