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  • Image for article 'Mobile Fightings Get Better'

    Eric Barnett

    Mobile Fightings Get Better
    Good news for all fans of Injustice 2 Mobile and Mortal Kombat Mobile! The development companies have added new characters and in-game events. Injustice 2 Mobile New character Now you can play as the incredibly cool Martian Manhunter. Among his
  • Image for article 'Messenger API and Instagram in One App'

    Eric Barnett

    Messenger API and Instagram in One App
    Facebook has recently announced a major update to its Messenger API. Now, business owners can communicate with customers better due to added support for Instagram messages. It is an excellent option for many companies, especially if they deal with a
  • Image for article '5 Apps for Meditation and Fighting Stress'

    Eric Barnett

    5 Apps for Meditation and Fighting Stress
    According to experts, up to 35% of the total population of the planet have experienced anxiety. And this year, due to the pandemic, dealing with it can be more difficult. Specialized apps are great helpers in this situation. We have picked the five b
  • Image for article 'New Android Features'

    Eric Barnett

    New Android Features
    With the release of the Android 11 operating system, the developers have added several new features. It is noteworthy that they will be available even on older versions of the system. We have picked a few of the most important Google Android updates
  • Image for article 'Among Us Alternatives: 5 Awesome Deductive Games'

    Eric Barnett

    Among Us Alternatives: 5 Awesome Deductive Games
    Even though Among Us was released in 2018, it has gained popularity only now. In this multiplayer game, participants are assigned a specific role. Everyone tries to achieve set goals faster than others, and at the same time, figure out a traitor. Whe
  • Image for article 'Best iOS Apps If You Have a Pet'

    Eric Barnett

    Best iOS Apps If You Have a Pet
    Did you know that your fluffy friend can benefit from mobile applications too? Keeping your four-legged buddy in shape, well-fed, groomed, and entertained – that’s what some of them are capable of. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, try o

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