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  • Image for article 'Maybe there will be multiplayer in Ghost of Tsushima 2'

    Gertrude McCoy

    Maybe there will be multiplayer in Ghost of Tsushima 2
    Following the success of the hit game Ghost of Tsushima, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential sequel. However, recent job listings hint that a multiplayer mode could be in the works for Ghost of Tsushima 2. The job listings were pos
  • Image for article 'Top-5 Alternatives to Stumble Guys That You Must Try'

    Eric Barnett

    Top-5 Alternatives to Stumble Guys That You Must Try
    Stumble Guys is one of the most popular multiplayer games out there. It’s a fun and competitive game that allows players to run, jump, and dodge obstacles in order to reach the finish line first. While Stumble Guys are incredibly enjoyable, the
  • Image for article 'Obsidian Entertainment Nearly Created a Walking Dead RPG'

    Eric Barnett

    Obsidian Entertainment Nearly Created a Walking Dead RPG
    Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG development studio, has recently revealed that it had planned to develop a role-playing game based on The Walking Dead franchise. This would have been the studio’s first attempt at creating a game in the horror g
  • Image for article 'Battlefield 2042 Brings Back Classes in an Exciting New Way'

    Gertrude McCoy

    Battlefield 2042 Brings Back Classes in an Exciting New Way
    The Battlefield franchise is one of the most iconic first-person shooter series in gaming history. After a three-year hiatus, the series is set to return with a new installment, Battlefield 2042. This new installment will feature a unique twist on th

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