Developer: Jpay Mobile


The JPay application provides payment services to individuals on parole. It also allows families to use email to:

  • chat;
  • make video calls;
  • send photos;
  • share music;
  • send money;
  • etc.


The application is made for both families with relatives on hold or those who have already been released on bail. It allows you to transfer money to those now in prison and also correspond with your family member. To use JPay, the subscriber needs access to a computer or phone at least once a day. Do not lose sight of your loved ones, and always keep in touch with them using the JPay application. All you need to know is the state in where the person is imprisoned and the informal number.

The application can record all your acquaintances and choose who to send the message to in one click. It even allows you to communicate with them via video communication, in which the quality is quite good. Using JPay, you can see a family member or friend in the face and chat with them, but such calls need to be discussed in advance. The transfer of money for their needs is also an excellent opportunity to receive everything upon receipt of this money and the sender's name and surname. 

If you suddenly decide to share your progress, you can easily send it via JPay. To send messages, you need to buy Stamps. Each state has its own stamp: 1 stamp = 1 message sheet. And if you write often, you may buy 60 stamps immediately.

If you send a message, try to write in a smaller font because more words will fit there, and you will not have to pay for several sheets at once.


Everything is done in its own style. Not a lot of functionality, but basically, it does its job well. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate in it, as the chaotic layout of sections seemed hard to get used to.

The site is more convenient to view from a tablet or phone with a large screen.


Despite its interface, the application works great and is quite easy to use. You can safely write a message and not be afraid that when you close it, it will disappear. The constant system updates improve its performance. They do pretty well. However, if you want to use them, your system must have Android 9.0 or more. More than 5 million people have already downloaded this app.


The idea of ​​the application is really useful. It helps those families who have problems with the law. You can meet your imprisoned relatives at a distance, as well as, if necessary, help them financially. It often happens that prisoners are taken away to another state or far from their place of residence. And it is challenging for relatives to travel to meet them in prison. This application comes in handy when you need to chat with your friends or family members from a distance and exchange music or messages.


  • Pretty easy to use;
  • Can be accessed from any device.


  • Video calling is inconvenient.


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