This program will help protect you from any malware or help you find infected files on your computer, and it also has an ad blocker feature. It allows you to forget about the dangers that exist on the Internet.


It is an easy-to-use application that allows you to deal with malware effectively. The developers advise using the premium version, which includes a quick scan and real-time virus blocking. The premium version includes a completely updated interface and the ability to protect multiple devices at once. Scanning for malicious files in the premium version is much faster than in the free version. If you are interested in the full functionality of the premium version, upon registration, you will receive free access to it for 30 days. And you can compare it yourself with the free version.

In the free version, it is the best choice among many security programs. It copes well with viruses like:

  • worms;
  • trojans;
  • spyware. 

Quite effectively finds masked viruses without much effort. Viruses that the program finds are automatically deleted, or if it is an important file, the system sends it to quarantine. It protects your device, keeps you safe in browsers, and blocks all malicious ads. When you start the program, it immediately scans your device in detail for viruses.

The free version does an excellent job with the assigned tasks, so it will be enough for someone who devotes a lot of time to the Internet and file sharing.


The interface is made simple and intuitive. Most sections are not used since the main ones are the check and the information panel. Colors are pleasing to the eye. It provides excellent customization options to suit your preferences. All sections are clear without any position problems.

To be honest, I did not notice any critical changes in the interface with the premium version. There are some advantages, but they are not terrible in the free version.


The program will definitely be useful to those who often work on the Internet and spend a lot of time there. The chance that you somehow catch the Karaine virus is low. Also, for regular use, it will not be superfluous. Secure your device and forget about the harm that a virus can bring to it.


It is immediately clear that professionals handled this program. It does not load your device, which lets you know that you are safe and will not bring discomfort to it. The program also has a feature for weak devices, which turns off the load on your device during the scan. Regular updating will prevent the program from becoming obsolete, and any way of bypassing the protection system will be rendered harmless. When scanning your device for viruses, the program can take enough resources, so the function for weak devices is regularly tested.

Thus, your device gets the maximum performance during the scan. Although most perks only work in the premium version, this does not oblige you to buy it since all the main features are available in the free version. Well, if you want to use the program at 100%, the premium version is available anytime.

This app is a must-have for every user. The security of your device is crucial. It can save you a lot of money on repairs if a virus somehow damages it or your files.


  • Lots of useful features;
  • Well optimized for any device.


  • Many features are available only on the premium version.


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