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Clickers were very popular once, when the Internet was slow. But still, they revive sometimes, wrapped in a pleasant story, like this one. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a popular vlogger? If you can’t find the time or the topic to start in real life, you can begin with this funny simulator.

Graphics and Sound 3/5

Clickers have never been about great visuals. They’re more about management. In this game the process of creating your videos is not visualized in details. Regardless of the stage of the process (processing materials, writing, recording or editing), your character acts the same: just sitting at the laptop. Well, forget the logic and it all fits. The music may be too annoying if you play for long, but it sets your mind right.

Story Plot 4/5

So, you’ve made up your mind to start vlogging, so you begin. What does it take? First, choose your topics. Then make your videos. And, finally, invest in promotion. This process is simulated with clicks. Tap the screen as frequently as you can to accelerate your video making!

As you make your first videos, you start getting rewards. You can invest the money you earn into new equipment (like a laptop, a webcam, or decorations for your studio), or into promotion. Tell your mom’s friends, buy some ads, or cross-promote with other vloggers; it all works, though investments grow too.

While tapping, try to use all your fingers. If you have an option, better play it on a tablet. Don’t neglect the extras that fly into your room sometimes. A cup of coffee increases your productivity dramatically.

By the way, it’s an exceptional game: video ads interrupting the process may be apropos, when your fingers are tired of tapping. That’s the primary reason to watch them; besides that, they bring you some extra reward.

Yes, you can speed up making your videos, but it will cost you crystals. These are not easy to earn, but you can buy them for real cash.

Controls 5/5

There’s little to say about controls. All you have to do is tap. Tap your screen anywhere, except for the buttons. That’s all the work a vlogger should do, according to this game.

We must warn you that on modern devices by A vendors it should all be fine. But if you still utilize an old or very budget device with no full multitouch, the game will turn into a real torture. There are still old Chinese tablets cut down to two or even one touch at a time; let’s hope it’s not the case with you.

Difficulty 2/5

It’s the right time to highlight the difference between difficulty and hardness. It’s not difficult at all to tap the screen for long, but it may be hard. If your fingers feel tired, maybe, it’s time to watch an ad. Luckily, you can put your device away for a minute or two when tired. You’ll still progress, though much slower.


Maybe it’s not the funniest game on Earth. And certainly it isn’t a realistic vlogger simulator. But there’s one thing implied we cannot deny: it’s simple. If your brain needs a break, that’s what you need. But don’t forget to give your palms a little massage after a séance. Maybe once you will decide to start vlogging in real life. Okay, you know how to tap your stress away.


  • Gameplay as simple as can be
  • Vlogging simulation is funny
  • Decent anti-stress effect
  • Runs well on old devices


  • Simulation is very conventional
  • Watch your fingers!
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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