Developer: Tapps Games


This game is an interesting clicker in which you can experience the life of a real blogger. Grow, make your personal blogs, and also conquer the top of vloggers! It is perfect for those who want to feel like a blogger. With this game, you will forget about the time! It is great for having a good time while relaxing.


Vlogger Go Viral is easy to learn. The process is based on clicks and nothing more. Your task is to develop as a blogger. To do this, you will need to run your own blogs on the topic that you like best. For example, you can make:

  • reviews of technology;
  • games reviews;
  • videos about animals;
  • personal blogs;
  • and much more.

When creating a video, you have the opportunity to speed up this process with clicks! As you get subscribers, you also get YouTube buttons. That’s amazing and motivates you to create more new videos and improve your content. Just like a real blogger!

The main game currency is views, and you can develop as a blogger, improving your workplace and your equipment for this. The game farms these views for you as it improves, but if you make a little effort, you will make a great progress. Buy new cameras and upgrade your computer, as this is what will help you develop your channel. Besides, this game has crystals, which are quite difficult to get. However, they can also promote your channel. The game has an achievement system that allows you to get those same crystals, but you will have to spend some time on some achievements. The more beautiful your room, the more interest you will provide to your viewers. Also, after recording your videos, you can read and reply to your viewers’ comments, showing their reactions to your video.

My advice to you is to respond correctly to people in the comments, as they greatly influence the activity of the channel. It's also important to follow trends to keep your blogs growing in popularity.


While fairly simple, the graphics in Vlogger Go Viral are pleasing to the eye, just as enjoyable to play as the room you set up, and great for having a good time. Since it's all up to your imagination, it may not be that noticeable at the beginning of the game, but when you upgrade your room with exciting decors, you will love it!


The sound is quite high quality, with nice music in the background. Pretty funny dubbing of the blogger, a pleasant sound when improved. There are no sharp, unpleasant sounds. The only negative is that the music in the background is monotonous and gets boring very quickly.


As with any clicker, it has pretty easy controls. All you need is to tap on the screen as quickly as possible. There are no difficult moments in it, it is easy to understand, and only your fingers can get tired from intense pressure. Just focus on the events that the game provides you. Record videos in another location, move to another room with one click and change it as you want.


The game works without problems, even on old phones. It doesn’t have any unpleasant errors and adds a lot of interesting events and improvements when updated. The game has a lot of ads for which you can get crystals, but it is not necessary to watch it. You can just skip it and continue to enjoy the gameplay.

I recommend this game for those who want to kill time or relax. Although it is an amateur, you will have to stock up on endurance and love for this genre of games to pass it because it will take you a lot of time.


  • Controls in 1 click;
  • The game is well-made and runs even on older devices.


  • Music gets boring quickly.


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