Developer: Tapps Games


This interactive clicker game offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of a digital content creator. Immerse yourself in the world of blogging, craft engaging personal blogs, and climb your way to the summit of vlogger stardom! Designed for those aspiring to get a taste of the blogging lifestyle, this game is engrossing and serves as an entertaining way to unwind.


Vlogger Go Viral is intuitive and straightforward, with a gameplay core centered around clicking. Your mission is to advance your blogging career. You'll be creating a variety of blog posts on topics you are passionate about, such as:

  • Technology overviews;
  • Gaming critiques;
  • Animal-related content;
  • Personal vlogging narratives;
  • And other diverse subjects.

As you produce content, you can accelerate the video creation process with click-based actions! Accumulating subscribers leads to rewards like YouTube play buttons, providing additional enthusiasm for content enhancement. The game parallels the actual blogger experience!

In-game, 'views' serve as the primary currency, which you'll use to refine your blogging setup and upgrade equipment. The more advanced your gear, the faster you'll gather views. With enough dedication, you could invest in a new camera or beef up your computer—essential tools for a blossoming channel. Although difficult to attain, crystals offer another way to boost your channel's visibility. Tackling challenges within the game can also net you these rare crystals, though they demand persistence. An aesthetically pleasing recording space can also attract more viewers, enhancing your broadcasting appeal. Moreover, engaging with your audience through comment interactions can significantly influence your channel's engagement levels.

My tip for you is to navigate through viewer comments with tact, as they play a crucial role in sustaining your channel's community. Keeping an eye on trending topics is also key to keeping your blogs relevant and in demand.


Despite its simplicity, the charming graphics of Vlogger Go Viral are visually engaging and contribute to an overall pleasant gaming experience. As you progressively enhance your virtual space with attractive decorations, your appreciation for its aesthetics will undoubtedly grow.


The game features high-quality audio, underscored by a catchy soundtrack. The protagonist vlogger is voiced in a quirky yet entertaining manner, and there's a satisfying array of sounds that accompany upgrades and improvements. However, the repetitive nature of the background music might become tiresome after extended play.


Reflecting its "clicker" genre, the game boasts simple controls: rapid tapping on the screen is all that's required. It's an easy game to grasp, though it could literally be a workout for your fingers due to the frequent tapping. Yours is to be attentive to the game's various events, effortlessly record in different settings, switch rooms, and customize your space with a few taps.


Vlogger Go Viral performs smoothly, even on older devices, and remains free of major glitches and bugs. While the game does feature ad content that rewards you with crystals, watching these ads is entirely optional—you can skip them and proceed with the enjoyable aspects of the game.

Its allure might not cater to every taste, but those with patience and a fondness for clicker games will find it a time-consuming and engaging pastime.


  • Controls in 1 click
  • The game is well-made and runs even on older devices.


  • Music gets boring quickly.


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