Developer: RobTop Games


Geometry Dash is a 2D platform rhythm game that can keep you hooked for a long time. If you are a fan of heavy games, then this game is for you. Get your nerves ready because to complete the game 100%, you will have to die many times.

Graphic and Sound

The graphics are made in 2D format. Depending on the map, you have your own background style, often a neon background, with various effects on the screen. Each map has its own electro style of music. The rhythm of the game is excellent, but at times, there are a lot of distracting effects on the screen.


There are over 20 different levels in Geometry Dash. Most cards are added quite often. Your task to get from the beginning of the level to the end is a simple task, isn't it? But as for the gameplay, everything is not so simple, there will be many different traps on your way, and each death returns you to the very beginning. And for those who have not yet figured out the mechanics of the game, there is a practice MOD function with a checkpoint to save your location and provide pointers for passing the game. 

When you complete levels, you get virtual currency points, as well as achievements. There are enough achievements in the game, and it is unlikely that you will be able to learn them all. There is a rich store where you can change the look and color of your square. There are other types of characters in the game, but more on that later. In addition to many levels, each has 5+ levels of difficulty. So get your nerves ready! You will have to work hard to complete the game.

I advise you to follow the rhythm of the music, which will direct you on the right path. At the start, it may seem that the game is impassable and has no rhythm. But with every level you pass, it will be easier and easier for you to play.


The game can be completed with 1 finger, but this is easy to say. However, you will have to do more than 1 hour. All you need to do is jump over obstacles in the form of triangles. This is the initial stage, but with the next level, you will notice a lot of new and interesting mechanics. There are portals in the levels; depending on their color, you will turn into a different hero. I will tell you more about them.

  • Square ― it’s the most common in your game. Just jump over obstacles, and that's it.
  • Ship ― it smoothly changes its position up and down when clamped.
  • Ball ― it changes its vertical position by pressing the screen. But it must be on some surface.
  • UFO ― it jumps to a small height when pressed.
  • Wave ― it is identical to the ship rising up or down when clamped. But it has a different flight path.
  • Robot ― you can control the height of the jump with it. The longer you hold the jump, the higher it will fly up.
  • Spider ― it looks like a Ball, but instead of moving smoothly vertical, it teleports.

All heroes can change their appearance using the editor on the main screen, and they also open gradually to achieve the appearance of all of them. You will have to devote a lot of time to this game.


Even after beating the game, you can replay all the rounds to collect all the coins to pass the stage by 100% or complete some kind of achievement. There are many achievements in the game, but some of them are quite difficult. You will have to spend a lot of time and nerves on it. Stages can be replayed an infinite number of times.

The game has delightful music, a lot of distracting effects, which complicate the game, but this is only at the beginning. Rhythm gamers will love it, especially those who love heavy games. You will definitely spend a lot of time in it to discover various skins.


  • Lots of interesting levels
  • Many exciting achievements
  • Great neon graphics.


  • Difficult to open character skins.


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