Developer: Maxis


The Sims 4 is the fourth life simulation game. Let your imagination run wild and create your own unique world where you can take everything from life. Here you can:

  • create your own perfect home;
  • make your Sim;
  • challenge your 2nd life;
  • travel the world;
  • make new friends;
  • and much more.

Graphic and Sound

Realistic graphics, landscapes, pores of time, as well as weather conditions are available in the game. Everything is done on top. The sounds of rain and thunder are transmitted as in real life. There are a lot of great parks and modern cafes. The beautiful world of The Sims 4 will keep you bored for a long time. 


From the start of the game, you are offered to create your own character and build your own house. You can edit any part of your character’s body and change its size or position. If you don't like your chin, use the editor to make it smaller or flatter. Your Sim look is up to you, with plenty of different clothes for every gender, from lingerie to lovely tuxedos. If you want to get a pet, be prepared to pay a lot of attention to it since this cutie will be a full family member.

An extensive house editor will help you build your dream home. Do you want two floors or many rooms for each family member? Not a problem, every corner of the house depends only on your decisions and its design inside and outside. For many activities, you can go for a career as an astronaut or an office worker. Sims, as living people, have their own emotions and their own interests. If you give them freedom, they can get angry, negatively affecting their mood. If your Sim fixes the plumbing on his own, he'll become more confident, or if he doesn't make it to the bathroom, he'll be very embarrassed. All this mood affects the actions that can be performed with one or another object. 

Making acquaintances and developing communication is the minimum that the game offers you. There are events in life, good and bad. One day, your stove may catch fire, and you will have to call the fire department or decide to put it out yourself with a fire extinguisher. And on the second day, you can find a person you love and decide to start a family with him or her.

Try to communicate with people more often, as this will be useful at work as well.


Sim management is the management of a real person who has his own emotions. Basically, your Sim is independent, but you can make adjustments to his actions through tasks. When you click on the stove or when interacting with other items, a window of options appears to set. If you take the stove, then there will be options such as cooking soup or a rare dish. 
But you need to look at your character, as you can also distract him from important matters. Thus, his mood will drop significantly. He will cook food in a hurry and can fail. When talking, you help him choose topics for conversation or tone. All of this will make your Sim a unique character in the future.


The game is definitely worth its time. It appeals to both children and adults and helps relax after a hard day's work by transferring you to another world where you decide what to do and where to go for your Sim. The game is updated with new content like other cities and new visual changes for your character. The game takes a lot of time, so it may not be suitable for everyone since, in any life simulator, you will have to pay a lot of attention to it and live a full second life.


  • Excellent house and character editor
  • Beautiful locations.


  • Not a rich wardrobe for the character.


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