A puzzle game in which you will be happy to spend time relaxing or at work. Collect puzzles with beautiful pictures in HD quality, and enjoy the time spent in them.

Graphics and Sound 

The graphics are tied to pictures that are of excellent quality and nothing more. There are beautiful effects of moving puzzles accompanied by a pleasant sound. The music has not yet been added to the game, but it should appear soon.


The essence of the game, as you guessed it, is to collect puzzles from various HD cards. There are so many types of these pictures that you will definitely find what you like. Lots of different themes, as well as a free puzzle of the day. Why is it free, you ask? The game also has an in-game currency, with which you can buy new interesting puzzles for your collection.

There are also different levels of difficulty to collect, from 16 pieces to 900. You can also choose the type of puzzle; while 2 types are ordinary 4-sided as well as square, which one you like to choose?

Also, after collecting the entire puzzle, you can see how long you have been collecting it, and if you wish, try to beat your personal record. The choice of how many particles you want to gather in the puzzle is entirely up to you. Choose a puzzle for 16 or 64 particles. It will be quite easy to assemble. For each completed puzzle, you will receive coins. The game also has a premium version, which you will have to pay for. But it will give you many privileges like:

  • laying it without the Internet;
  • collecting exclusive VIP puzzles;
  • no adds;
  • extra perks. 

For those who find it difficult to collect puzzles, there is a hint function. In the premium version, you get as many as 5 trips per day. Another usefulness of the premium version is that you get protection against cutting, which eventually gets pretty annoying. A free trial premium subscription for 3 days is provided. Enlarge your collections and develop your skills in this interesting and useful game!


There will be no problems with the management in the game; even a child will deal with it. All that is needed is simply to transfer the puzzle pieces to the main field.


This great game for children because it has a lot of colorful pictures, and this will definitely be only a plus for them. But this does not mean that it is made for children only! Sometimes it is quite complicated, and even an adult will have to break their heads over to collect the most difficult puzzles.

Try to use daily hints as they don't accumulate if left unused. Also, do not forget about daily puzzles, as you can get a lot of coins from them.


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Develops your brain.


  • Missing some music in the background
  • It would be nice to compete in time with other players.


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