Healow is an application developed by healow™ for communication with physicians. Also, it provides access to the medical records, lab results, the schedule of your appointments, and so on. Forget about visiting the doctor’s office or waiting on the phone for a consultation. Now you can do it much faster!

User Interface 10/10

The interface is made in a simple style. You will master it without any instructions. The menu is brief consisting of the necessary sections for a clear purpose.

Functionality 10/10

Features are allowing to send and receive messages from your doctor. The app shows the prescribed medications and reminds about your appointments or other events. You can set this reminder as you prefer. If you must take the pills, you can set the alert so that you do not miss it and take it on time. You can check your lab results with doctor's interpretation as soon as they are ready. Moreover, this app is not only for you. It allows to link your family and manage their accounts. You cannot only specify your tasks in this app, but also you are suggested to track them applying the trackers. There are some of them: activity and weight management trackers which are efficient for your fitness routine. They will show the change of your parameters and share the results with your doctor who can form an opinion on your progress.

App’s Performance 10/10

The app is convenient and smooth. It runs in the morning and at night equally in a proper way without troubles. If there are some questions you can apply the feedback and support options.

Usability 6/10

Using this application, you are allowed to manage several accounts and know the details of the medical information of every member of your family. You can find a doctor you need in no time. It is as easy as it could be. There is an advanced search feature.

Compatibility 8/10

The app is compatible with all updated versions of mobile devices.


The application is very useful having a simple and clear interface. Even if we’d say there could be more features for deeper communication, still it solves a range of vital tasks.


  • The app performs smoothly;
  • The navigation is easy;
  • There is a website with the same functions.


  • The bugs are possible but they are quickly addressed;
  • It can be considered to be a little bit basic.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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