Developer: Lunime


Gacha Life is the same series of gacha games in which you need to create your own gacha and dress it up to your liking. All gachas are shown in anime style, which will be a huge plus for anime lovers.

Graphic and Sound

The graphics are cool, with a cute cat style. It’s pleasing to the eye and appeals to cat lovers. The music is good, but the sound effects do not bring pleasure because a very sharp sound in mini-games does not fit the music. In life mode, you see an animation of your character walking, which adds to the realism. The background is hoit and static, which adds a lot of atmosphere to the location.


The game is not very different from other versions of gacha. Here you are mainly engaged in editing your character or series. Lots of interesting costumes and accessories will help you spend thousands of hours editing your character. Well, if you get bored and want to be active, the game provides a lot of mini-games to choose your favorite one.

  • Ichi Math. Lead math examples against the clock. This mini-game will appeal to number lovers. However, it is not polar of all.
  • Bex's Festival. Here your task is to collect fruits falling from the sky by clicking on the screen to move.
  • Ducks and Dodge. This is essentially the same as the bag festival, only now ducks are falling on you from the sky, and you need to dodge.
  • Remix of a Phantom. You need to press at a certain point in time. This game is accompanied by a musical range. Kind of like a rhythm game.
  • Narwhal Sky. Your task is not to get kneaded and collect as many stars as possible. By tapping on the screen, you control the rise and fall of your character.
  • Killer Whale Fountain. You have a certain number of balls that cannot touch the water. Your task is to help the killer whale with it.
  • Picc Pawket Rhythm. It is a full-fledged rhythm game where you need to click on the correct square in time with the music.


Management is nowhere simpler. Everything is calculated with one click in mini-games and life mode. All actions are performed by simply pressing the screen so you communicate, complete tasks, and play mini-games. Even a child can handle the game.


Gacha Life is the kind of game you spend a lot of time on. It is designed for most systems and any age. It will not be a problem to figure it out,  even though it has a lot of possibilities. In addition to many visual changes, the game can lead to enough time for mini-games. You can collect many rare gachas in it. Although other versions of the game are more popular than this one, you will definitely find your pros and cons in it.


  • Rich wardrobe game where you will find your style
  • There are many interesting mini-games to keep you busy for more than 1 hour.


  • The sound effects are very harsh to the ear and unpleasant to listen to
  • There is little music for mini-games, which quickly becomes boring and annoying.


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