Developer: Clickteam USA LLC


A survival horror game in which you need to build up your courage and stamina. A game with a rich storyline and addictive gameplay that will not let you get bored. Be careful, because every minute, you can meet with Freddie! Get ready for anything, as the game does not forgive mistakes!

Story Plot

Events are developing in early 1973. Faz Fazbear opens a pizzeria under the name of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza with animatronic mascots: 

  • Freddy;
  • Bonnie;
  • Chica;
  • Foxy;
  • a secret costume named Golden Freddy. 

The pizzeria was in demand and worked perfectly until an unknown maniac put on an animatronic costume and killed 5 children, whom he lured into the back room. He placed the children’s bodies in animatronics, and although the maniac is soon found and sentenced to him, the pizzeria is closed. 

After all this, the guard who worked his shift records audio for the next guard, in which he dies from the animatronic. The animatronics can walk around at night and tend to enter the office and kill the guards, mistaking them for an empty endoskeleton. Your task as the main character is to survive until the rescuing dawn, not to fall into the hands of the animatronics. After the main character lives for 3 days, the phone guy praises him since not one guard managed to live that long.


Your task is to live 5 nights, not to fall into the animatronics’ hands. It will help you with cameras to track their movements. But be careful, they can turn off the cameras! Your shelter is your office. Try not to leave it once again because, at any moment, you can be overtaken by Freddy!

I advise you to keep an eye on the remaining power as it will help you close the door to the office in case the animatronics get close to it.

Graphic and Sound

The graphics and soundtrack take you into the world of FNAF. You feel like you're in the place of a security guard. Dark locations of ordinary places deliver a bit of horror. The animatronics are done perfectly, and they fit right into this pizzeria. At first glance, they are ordinary toys that do not represent any harm, but at night, my opinion about the changes in the opposite direction. All this is backed up by a sound atmosphere that keeps you on guard. This game takes you to a world where you are alone with the animatronics, and your task is to survive!


The game attracts horror fans with its plot. It works perfectly, even on a weak device. In the beginning, it can be hard to figure it out, but with every day you live in the game, you will learn more and more new things. The animatronics constantly change their approach to you, so many details need to be considered. Children may not appreciate this game as much as teenagers or adults. Therefore, I advise this game for those who appreciate an exciting plot and particular gameplay not often found in other games. Five Nights at Freddy's will play with your nerves, so you need to mentally prepare before you start playing it if you are afraid of horrors.


  • An addictive story that will draw you in so much that you will definitely want to know the continuation;
  • A well-made game that will work even on Android 5 and weak phones;
  • You do not need the Internet to access it, just download and play safely.


  • There are not enough subtitles for the game, and it would be nice to choose their language yourself.


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