Windows 11 Brings Direct Control Over RGB Lights To Enhance Gaming Experience image

Windows 11 Brings Direct Control Over RGB Lights To Enhance Gaming Experience

Microsoft is reportedly adding native RGB lighting control to the latest Insider Build of Windows 11. This new feature will let users control the lights and effects on their gaming laptops and desktops without relying on third-party apps. The Personalization section of the Settings menu will provide an overview of all devices with RGB components, allowing users to adjust brightness, color, light effects, speed, and more.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer via software developer Albacore, Windows 11 has incorporated hidden controls for controlling RGB lights in its newest iteration. The app interface displays an option that lets users alter the brightness and color of these lights. It also provides options to customize light effects and change the rate at which animations happen with ease. Moreover, it provides a way for laptop and PC manufacturers to match their products' RGB lighting with Windows 11's accent color using this new feature from Microsoft.

Additionally, these settings can be used by gamers looking for better immersion when playing games on their systems. With this native support for controlling lighting in Windows 11, gamers can now personalize their experience according to their preferences without installing additional software or hardware solutions from other companies such as Dell or Asus. Furthermore, developers have stated that Windows could eventually add support for other accessories like webcams or headsets in future versions if needed.

However, it should be noted that while Microsoft is working hard on this feature right now, it may not be available immediately upon launch due to various compatibility issues between different brands’ hardware configurations and software solutions, so one should bear this in mind before expecting too much out of it at first glance itself. Additionally, some features, like being able to change speed, might not work perfectly yet either, but hopefully, they'll get improved over time through further updates later down the line once they are released into public hands again soon enough, too easily enough as well.

To conclude, Microsoft is taking the necessary steps toward making Windows 11 a great gaming platform with native support for RGB lighting control. This feature should provide gamers and laptop/PC manufacturers more freedom to customize their experience as they see fit without having to rely on third-party apps or hardware solutions.