Signing up for Diablo IV beta testing may be open at the IGN Fan Fest image

Signing up for Diablo IV beta testing may be open at the IGN Fan Fest

There is a rumor that perhaps the upcoming IGN Fan Fest may open an entry to beta testing Diablo 4. This rumor is based on a tweet from General Manager Rod Fergusson. This news has been met with excitement from gaming fans eager to see the next installment in the popular franchise. 

Diablo IV is the latest and most highly anticipated game in the Diablo franchise and has been in development since 2016. The game promises to bring back the classic hack-and-slash action of the original games but with modern graphics, more advanced combat mechanics, and a greater focus on storytelling. 

The IGN Fan Fest is set to take place in early 2023 and will be the perfect platform for game developers to showcase their projects. It has been rumored that Blizzard Entertainment, the gaming company behind the Diablo franchise, will use the event to reveal the open beta date of Diablo IV. 

If the rumors are true, it would be the first time that gamers get to play the game before its full release. This would give them a chance to experience the game firsthand and also provide feedback to the developers. It would also be a great opportunity for Blizzard to promote the game and generate hype around its release. 

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, the rumors of Diablo IV's open beta date being announced at IGN Fan Fest have certainly gotten the gaming community excited. If the reports are true, then gamers will soon get to experience the next installment in the beloved franchise.