Punishing platformer Jump King now has Workshop support and mod tools image

Punishing platformer Jump King now has Workshop support and mod tools

In the enigmatic and unforgiving world of Jump King, a platformer game renowned for its sheer difficulty, players are tasked with the seemingly simple goal of ascending a tower. The catch? Each leap towards the pinnacle requires precise calculation; a slight miscalculation in charging a jump can result in a devastating fall back to square one. 

Now, after nearly half a decade since its debut, Jump King is set to receive a substantial update that promises to increase its challenging nature—thanks to the introduction of Steam Workshop support and a fresh batch of modding tools.

The integration of Steam Workshop has already begun to bear fruit, with a current offering of 32 items categorized into levels, skins, and mods. However, the true game-changer comes in the form of Jump King Worldsmith, a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the process of managing and compiling Jump King content. This "editor, manager, and compiler" facilitates level creation, allows for in-game testing of changes, and enables direct uploads to the Workshop from the Worldsmith interface.

Although the most dedicated players previously found ways to fashion mods for Jump King, these new updates significantly lower the barrier to entry for mod creation. Among other enhancements, the game has been updated to allow for adjustments in player character behavior, incorporation of custom blocks and entities, and forthcoming documentation to guide users in utilizing these features.

Worldsmith is currently in a beta phase but is accessible to Jump King owners through the Tools section in the Steam library. However, it's important to note that this update may lead to compatibility issues with some pre-existing mods. For those affected, instructions have been provided to revert to previous versions of Jump King if necessary.

With these updates, the already formidable challenge of Jump King seems poised to reach new heights, offering both veteran players and newcomers alike a renewed opportunity to test their precision and resolve.