Obsidian Entertainment Nearly Created a Walking Dead RPG image

Obsidian Entertainment Nearly Created a Walking Dead RPG

Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG development studio, has recently revealed that it had planned to develop a role-playing game based on The Walking Dead franchise. This would have been the studio’s first attempt at creating a game in the horror genre.

The game was set to be an isometric RPG, similar to the classic Fallout titles, but with a much darker tone and setting. The world would have been full of danger, with players having to scavenge for supplies and fight off hordes of flesh-eating zombies. Players would have had to make difficult decisions and face harsh consequences, as they navigated the post-apocalyptic world.

The game was in development for some time, but ultimately the project was canceled. According to Obsidian Entertainment, this was due to the rights of the franchise being owned by different entities. It was simply too difficult to get all of the parties involved to agree to the project.

Despite the cancellation, the studio still has plans to create a horror-based RPG of some kind. It remains to be seen if Obsidian Entertainment will be able to make its dream of creating a Walking Dead-style game a reality.

Although Obsidian Entertainment’s plans to make a Walking Dead RPG were ultimately scrapped, the studio still has hopes of creating a horror-based RPG in the future. It will be interesting to see what kind of game the studio comes up with and if it will be able to capture the same dark tone and atmosphere of The Walking Dead.