Nicolas Cage Stuns as a Creepy Killer in the Eerie New 'Longlegs' Trailer image

Nicolas Cage Stuns as a Creepy Killer in the Eerie New 'Longlegs' Trailer

This summer's most terrifying film featuring Nicolas Cage as a relentless murderer introduced an eerie new preview.

Following a wave of enigmatic teaser content and spine-chilling promotional imagery, we now have access to Oz Perkins's Longlegs’ official preview.

In the footage available for viewing below, we observe Maika Monroe's character, Lee Harker, delving into what seems to be a linked sequence of horrific crimes. And then, we are introduced to the perpetrator, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, and the chilling audio accompanying these scenes is bound to disturb your sleep.

"I am aware you do not fear the shadows," Cage's character expresses. "Because the shadows are where you thrive. There was a chance for you to align with me, yet you chose otherwise."

According to the detailed plot summary, Harker is a "fresh recruit at the FBI, tasked with untangling the mystery behind an elusive murderer. With the discovery of sinister ritualistic elements, Harker comes to realize her connection with the murderer and races against time to stop another tragic death."

The ensemble features Alicia Witt, Blair Underwood, Lisa Chandler, Erin Boyes, Dakota Daulby, Kiernan Shipka, and Vanessa Walsh.

Setting itself apart from conventional horror movie trailers, the ones for Longlegs have managed to maintain suspense without disclosing too much of the storyline or resorting to cheap thrills to capture our attention. This might lead you to replay the trailer multiple times to detect subtle clues. Consider yourself cautioned.

Longlegs is poised for a theatrical release on July 12.