Manor Lords Creator Expresses Concerns Over Newly Launched Patch Despite Player Support image

Manor Lords Creator Expresses Concerns Over Newly Launched Patch Despite Player Support

The creator of Manor Lords has voiced his apprehension over the debut patch of the popular city-building game not being quite polished for its launch. The patch introduces enhancements to archers, incorporates grieving processes, and reduces the consumption of ale.

The inventive force and sole developer at the helm of Manor Lords recently voiced concerns that the initial patch may not have been completely ready for its public debut. The day brought with it a significant update for Manor Lords, a moment usually met with anticipation and excitement from both the development team and the gaming community. Nonetheless, Greg Styczeń, the brain behind Slavic Magic, expressed significant worry following the rollout of the eagerly awaited update. Sharing insights on Twitter about the latest additions, he candidly shared his reservations about the patch's release and timing, stating, "I hope it works out. Ideally, I would've preferred to delay this by a week for further internal testing, but I was eager for GOG, EGS, and Game Pass users to move past the old glitches without delay."

Before its statewide release, this update had been made accessible for beta testing on Steam. Despite Styczeń's nervousness about unveiling the patch to fans across all platforms, feedback under the game's new 0.7.972 update notes has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many players showing appreciation for the developer's dedication and others acknowledging the timely nature of the update. "You've got this," a fan encouraged. "Try not to let the pressure get to you."

With the 0.7.972 patch, the game sees a range of balance adjustments and error corrections, addressing issues from the "overly frequent ale consumption" to "rapidly multiplying sheep populations" threatening to overrun villages. This patch not only seeks to recalibrate Manor Lords for a more balanced gameplay but also enhances the gaming experience with new elements like a grief mechanism that temporarily halts progression, additional armor variations, the ability to see characters carrying deceased counterparts, and the introduction of a new patron saint character, St. Maurice. For those interested in exploring the entirety of the patch and its specifics, the full details are available on Steam.

The publishers of Manor Lords have commented on the reception of the city builder's notable success, suggesting that "it seems somewhat unjust to evaluate us based solely on this achievement because the accomplishments of publishers should not be measured by their most successful projects alone."