Kai Cenat Triumphs over Elden Ring's Toughest Boss and Entire Game After Herculean Effort image

Kai Cenat Triumphs over Elden Ring's Toughest Boss and Entire Game After Herculean Effort

In a remarkable gaming feat, Twitch's top broadcaster emerged victorious against Elden Ring's Malenia, requiring only a day and 400 attempts to achieve this milestone.

Update: Kai Cenat's victories extend beyond Malenia - he has now conquered the entirety of the Elden Ring.

Original story: The largest Twitch broadcaster faces a formidable challenge in Elden Ring, highlighted by an astounding 432 losses over 24 hours of play. Kai Cenat, boasting the second-largest subscription base on the platform and the highest viewership in the last month, dedicated 148 hours of his 200 hours of stream time this month to Elden Ring. This commitment indicates a struggle—148 hours is considered lengthy for completing Elden Ring, and the 1,600 total deaths recorded by Cenat suggest a higher-than-average difficulty level.

Adding to the challenge is Elden Ring's notoriously difficult boss, Malenia, the Goddess of Rot, a significant obstacle for players. Cenat experienced this firsthand, dedicating an entire day to her defeat, which accounted for 25% of his 1,600 deaths. However, perseverance paid off when Cenat triumphed over Malenia on his 433rd try. This victory came after considerable effort, particularly noticeable around the 200-death mark after 12 hours, when his determination appeared to wane.

Nonetheless, continual effort, coupled with support from the community, eventually led Cenat to best Malenia. The victory was met with significant celebration, a testament to the challenge overcome. Cenat's success against Malenia, and eventually the entire game, notably aligns with the anticipation of Elden Ring: Shadow of Eritrea.