Enotria: The Last Song is a Soulslike inspired by Italian folklore where masks give you powers image

Enotria: The Last Song is a Soulslike inspired by Italian folklore where masks give you powers

In an emerging trend of Soulslike games catering to diverse tastes and themes, Enotria: The Last Song sets itself apart with its captivating Italian aesthetic and engaging gameplay mechanics. Joining the ranks of unique titles like Lies Of P, Steelrising, and Lords Of The Fallen, Enotria offers an enchanting yet challenging adventure for fans of the genre.

The hallmark of Soulslike games – meticulous dodging, precise parrying, and formidable adversaries – is integral to Enotria, but the developers at Jyamma Games aim to elevate the experience. They infuse Enotria with distinctive features to ensure it’s more than just another combat-centric title. A noteworthy innovation is the integration of skills associated with masks. Players can seamlessly switch between three masks during their journey, each endowed with its own skill tree and allowing for free respecs, offering a layer of strategic depth and customization.

Moreover, Enotria introduces a mechanic called "Ardore", manifesting as white orbs that empower players to alternate between different environmental states. This provides a dynamic exploration aspect, akin to unveiling concealed sections of the map in other games but with a unique twist, enhancing the intrigue of discovery.

Beyond its gameplay, Enotria captivates with its breathtaking Mediterranean setting. The land is peppered with remnants of vibrant murals, sunlight bathes the ancient villas, and paths meander through fields adorned with sunflowers, presenting an idyllic backdrop for this dark adventure. 

Scheduled for release on June 21st, Enotria: The Last Song promises to be an ideal choice for those looking to immerse themselves in a Soulslike experience enriched with the tranquility and beauty of a sun-drenched Italian summer.