Astro Bot Sweeps Summer Game Fest 2024, Stealing the Spotlight from Doom and Gears of War image

Astro Bot Sweeps Summer Game Fest 2024, Stealing the Spotlight from Doom and Gears of War

Astro Bot emerged as the top pick from Summer Game Fest, surpassing Doom: The Dark Ages and Gears of War: E-Day to secure the most-wish-listed game position for 2024.

This is based on IGN's research data, as highlighted by Of all titles either showcased or revealed for the first time over the past few weeks, Team Asobi's Astro Bot has garnered the highest number of wishlists from Summer Game Fest 2024.

The data was compiled by analyzing the purchase intentions of over 43,000 users. This took into account changes in wishlists from the latest PlayStation State of Play on May 30 up until June 12, shortly after Ubisoft Forward, the concluding event of the spring festival.

Astro Bot leads, achieving the top spot over the past two weeks, followed by Doom: The Dark Ages, which debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase. In third place is Gears of War: E-Day, the eagerly awaited prequel, also showcased at the Xbox event. Fourth place goes to Perfect Dark, another game developed by Xbox.

Next is Assassin's Creed Shadows in fifth, which has attracted significant attention recently. The French-produced JRPG-styled Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 holds the sixth spot. The new action game from ex-Arkane developers, South of Midnight, stands at seventh, followed by Fable 4 in eighth place. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 occupies the ninth spot, and the much-anticipated Dragon Age: The Veilguard rounds out the top ten.

The rise of Astro Bot is somewhat unexpected, overshadowing Doom and Gears of War, two well-established franchises. It’s important to note that Astro's Playroom was included free with every PS5 console, and veteran players highly praised its numerous cameo appearances from gaming franchises spanning decades. In essence, this marks a significant victory for PlayStation.