Apple Rolls Out tvOS 16.1 With Siri Tweaks image

Apple Rolls Out tvOS 16.1 With Siri Tweaks

tvOS 16.1 is now up for grabs, incorporating an improved Siri UI for Apple TV, along with some typical bug fixes and enhancements. While the previous update was rather uninspiring, this one brings forth some pretty interesting goodies. Stay tuned for more info. 

The upgraded Siri interface is among the most noticeable post tvOS 16.1 launch tweaks. The newly changed Siri interface is now a lot more compact, which grants users the possibility to view what their requests return in the bottom right screen corner. The tweaked layout is more space-saving also due to the fact that some results are displayed as minimalist cards. The overhaul also comes with a new option to activate ‘Hey Siri’ commands when utilizing the Apple TV with AirPods hands-free. 

With regard to Siri on Apple TV, it is now capable of ‘hearing through’ each person’s voice. It helps the users easily find their favorite movies, shows, songs, video games, and applications — while enjoying picking up where they left off whenever necessary. Utilize Siri Remote for getting tons of customized recommendations. 

Also, the update features the Shared Photo Library feature, allowing you to view your life’s favorite moments shared by your entire family. Don’t forget that with the latest update, Apple TV comes with Apple Fitness+ support. Finally, thousands of fitness programs and meditations right at your fingertips (and humps).

Lastly, tvOS also adds support for the new Matter smart home standard. This, in its turn, grants you limitless access to a treasure trove of smart home tools to turn on and off within one seamless ecosystem. So, what are your thoughts on the updated system’s perks? Are you excited to give some of them a try? Let us in on your ideas in the comment box below. We’re looking forward to your feedback on this piece.