Unlocking the Elusive Swimsuit in Starfield: A Detailed Guide image

Unlocking the Elusive Swimsuit in Starfield: A Detailed Guide

Exploring the vastness of the Starfield universe is thrilling. One of the most exciting and immersive aspects of the game is the ability to customize your character's outfit. And there's no better way to show off your character's personality than by donning the rarest of all outfits - the Swimsuit. This unique item is not available at any vendor, making it a challenge to find. However, it's well worth the effort for those who want their character to relax in style under the system's sun(s). This guide will take you step by step through the process of finding this elusive outfit.

The Significance of the Swimsuit in Starfield

Getting a swimsuit in Starfield is no easy task. Unlike other outfits and accessories that can be purchased from vendors, the Swimsuit is only available on a specific planet. Even the bustling Commercial District of New Atlantis doesn't stock this unique item. The Swimsuit's rarity and the difficulty of finding it only add to its allure. While it's true that the practical application of this item is limited, for players who value character customization, acquiring the Swimsuit is a badge of honor.

Setting Course for Porrima II: The Journey to the Swimsuit

The only known location of the Swimsuit is the Paradiso Resort on Porrima II, a distant planet in the aptly named Porrima System. Reaching Porrima II might require some upgrading of your ship's Grav drive or fuel capacity, as it's quite far from Starfield's central hub systems. However, if you've completed the Mantis series of quests and have the Razorcrest, you should be able to make the journey without too much trouble.

Finding the Swimsuit in Paradiso Resort

Upon reaching Porrima II, your next destination is the Paradiso Resort. Enter the beach through the grand archway that marks the main entrance. Scattered around the beach are small white buildings. One of these unoccupied buildings holds the prized Swimsuit. Inside a locker, you'll find the Swimsuit, but be warned, you'll have to steal it. Yes, to acquire Starfield's most impractical piece of clothing, you'll need to throw your character's moral compass to the wind.

The Perks and Pitfalls of the Starfield Swimsuit

After all the effort to find the Swimsuit, it's only fair to examine its benefits and drawbacks. Disappointingly, the Swimsuit offers no resistance to any damage types, not even thermal harm, which one might expect given its design. However, it does have one minor benefit: while wearing the Swimsuit, your character consumes less O2 during physical activities like running or jumping. So, while it won't protect you in dangerous situations, it does have its uses.

The appearance of the Swimsuit varies depending on your character, adding a layer of personalization to this unique outfit. Furthermore, the Swimsuit can be given to any of your companions in Starfield, offering them the same benefits and stylish look.

Worth the Risk: Consequences of Theft in Starfield

If you're apprehensive about stealing the Swimsuit, don't be. While theft is a crime in Starfield, the punishment for stealing the Swimsuit is relatively minor. You might have to part with a few credits to persuade witnesses to look the other way, but that's a small price to pay for relaxing in style on a sunny beach.

So, if you're a player who values character customization and is willing to go the extra mile (or light-year) for it, the Swimsuit is a must-have item. Its rarity, coupled with the adventurous journey you must undertake to find it, makes it a prized possession in the Starfield universe.