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Keeping Your Android Safe image

Keeping Your Android Safe

The latest security problem that appeared on Android devices proved that no matter how advanced your phone is, you still have to be careful. This is not the first breach in Android security that can do significant damage to your phone. This time, the Google Assistant AI system is involved. The company has already warned its users about the newly discovered bug.

What is the Problem?

Artem Russakovskii, the reporter of Android Police, was the first who reported the problem that appeared. On his Twitter account, he shared with the audience the news that there is a bug on Android that freezes the screens of your devices after you say “Hey, Google”.

The reporter noted that the bug occurs when a user wants to communicate with Google Home. After the phrase “Hey, Google”, the device may stop its work, freeze and even not let to switch it off. This may lead to the battery drain or burn-in problems with LED-based phones. Reddit users have noticed similar behavior of their devices when they ask Google Home system. However, some users decided to check the information and saw no bugs or freezes.

Is the Newest Bug Fixed?

Unfortunately, there was no confirmation from the Android office that the bug was removed. Some experts believe that the problem occurs on Google Pixel devices. But, Artem Russakovskii, in his report, also mentions Essential and OnePlus phones that suffered from the same mysterious bug. Google, on the other hand, did not make any statements on this situation. They did not admit the existence of the problem either.

What to Do With It?

While we all are waiting for further information about this bug fixing from Android and Google, let’s consider our options. There is useful guidance on the support page of Google. Probably, it may save your device.

The first thing you have to do is to turn down the “Acess with Voice Match” service on your phone on the Android platform. Now you will have to tap and hold the button “Home”. You will see the icon named “Explore Your Stuff” on the right bottom of the device’s screen. Tap it.

At the upper right corner of the screen you will see your profile picture. You have to tap it. Go straight to the Settings and open Assistant. Pick the “Assistant Devices” which you will find under the option with the same name, and select this device of yours. Turn the Voice Match access off.

As you can see, this procedure is really simple and does not require any particular knowledge from you. It does not give you a 100 percent guarantee of safety, but at least you may feel more secure. Android owners have to check their phones with other Android users who have Google Assistant-enabled option if it is possible. If not, just go to the forums and check for Android owners who have the same problem. Stay tuned to the new updates from the Android security team.

Do You Need to Worry?

Well, you don’t need to worry about this particular bug if you are not the owner of Google Assistant multiple devices. If you own just one Android phone or one Google Home product, you can relax. You are safe. To stay this way, you have to always keep up with the latest news from Android or Google companies. It is better to check for the official information from these companies via their Twitter or other social media pages.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation with Google or Android? Do you have multiple Google Assistant devices, and if so, have you taken all the precautions? If you have ever had problems with your phone’s security, describe your experience in the comments below.

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