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Embark on the Quest for Lone Wolf Ashes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers players a wealth of mystical resources to aid them in their quest, one of which is the coveted Lone Wolf Ashes. These ashes prove invaluable when summoning spirit animals to strengthen your side in battle. Here's a step-by-step guide for acquiring these helpful companions:

Uncovering the Spirit Calling Bell

Uncovering the Spirit Calling Bell

  • Begin at Limgrave: Your journey for the Lone Wolf Ashes starts in Limgrave. Here, venture towards the first Site of Grace, which is easy to find as you progress through the opening stages of the game.
  • Seek Out the Church of Elleh: North of the initial Site of Grace, you'll come across the Church of Elleh, a ruined structure that houses another Site of Grace. This place will be a focal point for unlocking the Lone Wolf Ashes.
  • Dialogue with Melina: As you continue discovering new Sites of Grace, Melina, a key character, will eventually appear to you. She'll offer a Spectral Seed Whistle, which you'll need to accept. This whistle allows you to summon your spectral steed, Torrent, essential for traversing the vast landscape of the Lands Between.

Encounter with Renna

  • Return to the Church of Elleh: After meeting Melina and acquiring the ability to summon Torrent, make your way back to the Church of Elleh at night. There, you will meet Renna, a witch who plays a vital role in bestowing the Lone Wolf Ashes upon you.
  • Engage with Renna: Nearing the church, Renna will ask if you have the potential to call forth Torrent. Confirm that you possess the Spectral Seed Whistle to advance the conversation.
  • Receive Your Rewards: Once Renna acknowledges your newfound powers, she will entrust you with the Lone Wolf Ashes and the Spirit Calling Bell. It's essential to add these ashes to your inventory promptly so you can utilize them in the heat of battle.

Alternate Route: The Twin Maiden Husks

Alternate Route The Twin Maiden Husks

If, for any reason, you miss the opportunity to interact with Renna, don't despair—there's another path to acquiring the Lone Wolf Ashes.

  • Journey to Roundtable Hold: Later in the game, you'll come across a safe haven called Roundtable Hold. Here, you'll find the Twin Maiden Husks, vendors with a collection of unique and useful items.
  • Purchase from the Twin Maiden Husks: Among their wares, the Husks sell the Lone Wolf Ashes. If you've accumulated enough resources, you can easily purchase them to bolster your combat options.

With these steps followed the Lone Wolf Ashes are yours. These summoned spirits are highly effective against many adversaries. They offer speed and agility in combat, proving to be a distraction for your foes while dealing considerable damage. Use them wisely, and may they carry you to victory in the epic saga of the Elden Ring.