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Best iOS Apps If You Have a Pet image

Best iOS Apps If You Have a Pet

Did you know that your fluffy friend can benefit from mobile applications too? Keeping your four-legged buddy in shape, well-fed, groomed, and entertained – that’s what some of them are capable of. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, try our selection of the best iOS apps for pets.


Mean – Doggie Likes Joggie

mean app screenshotAll the dog owners agree on one thing: dogs are gaining weight quickly if they don’t get enough exercise. Especially disastrous this may be if you own a big good boy: chinook, malamute, border collie, and so on.

Mean developed by dotD specializes in monitoring your dog’s physical activity. It records all the walks the pet gets. It closely follows how many miles it has covered and also keeps track of route, distance, time, and so on.

With the app, you will always know how frequently your K-9 is taken out. Mean registers walk frequency on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. 

By selecting favorite routes, you can create an individual walk map. Moreover, the application shows other nearby dog-owners who have installed Mean too. So, your doggo can also find a playmate.

Keep your dog active with Mean!

BringFido – Where the Doggos Roam

BringFido app screenshotBringFido is almost like, but only for dogs. Thanks to the app, you can find a place where your dog can stay with you during a journey. Be it a business trip or a vacation voyage, BringFido will find plenty of options.

You can filter hotels and guest houses by price, distance, and reviews. Apart from lodging BringFido also will provide info on:

  • Pet shops;
  • Dog events;
  • Places suitable for a walk;
  • Local dog-walking services;
  • Groomers and veterinarians.

In other words anything dog-friendly. After your journey is over, Leave a review so other dog-lovers can know about your first-hand experience. And of course, post a few pics to share some memorable moments.

BringoFido brings a better travel experience to all dog-owners

Pet First Aid – Dr. Doolittle’s Favorite App

Pet First Aid app screenshotIf you seriously care about your pet’s well-being – this app is a must-have. Released by the American Red Cross, it offers plenty of useful guides and tips on protecting health of canines and felines.

The app is separated into two segments: Dogs & Cats. You can use a toggle to quickly switch between categories if it’s needed. They provide detailed expert information on:

  • Medication advice;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Early disease symptoms;
  • Step-by-step guides in case of an emergency.

Besides, the application has a map to locate the nearest vet clinic. Or you can add a veterinarian contact manually, as well as set an appointment. For more handiness, the app also allows creating individual pet profiles where you can play all vital info.

Learn how to give CPR to a Setter or a Scottish Fold

Game for Cats! – Training a Little Assassin

Game for Cats! screenshotKitty-cats are extremely energetic beasts. Especially after they get 5 consecutive naps. The fluffy rascals may stir real chaos. Unless they get plenty of play. And that’s when Game for Cats! comes to help.

The app turns your gizmo into a playstation for a cat. On the touchscreen, there will be a small object – purple laser dot, butterfly, mouse – that will attract the cat’s attention with quick and erratic movement.

Triggering a feline instinct to catch a moving tiny object, Game for Cats! promises to keep your kitten entertained for good. It has plenty of free ‘game’ to catch, as well as premium mice with each costing $1.99.

Train a superior kitty-hunter with Game for Cats

Sound Proof Puppy Training – Perfect Discipline

Sound Proof Puppy Training app screenshotDogs do not fancy loud, overwhelming and unfamiliar sounds. This is the reason why they bark at passing by ice-cream trucks, washing machines, and mumble rap.

In a noisy situation, your dog can get too scared to even obey a command. So, to show your pupster that noise isn’t scary at all, use Sound Proof Dog Training. It includes such noise samples as:

  • Garbage truck;
  • Storm thunder;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Traffic and roads;
  • Loud baby crying. 

If you please, you can record an original noise sample or take one from a website like The app also provides plenty of instruction videos so you know how to teach your pup to be fearless.

The application is good for casual dog-owners, as well as professional cynologists who need to prepare dogs for stressful environment. The only downside of SPDT is that there’s no free version – it costs $3,99.

With SPDT vacuum cleaner won’t be scary anymore

Cat Fishing 2 – Wishy for a Fishy on my Dishy

Cat Fishing 2 app screenshotCat Fishing 2 is another game that will teach your kitty to be a better hunter. Or a fisher. As you launch it, there will be little glowing fishies moving to and fro. Show them to your cat and watch his paws flying.

A neat trick: in case the cat gets distracted, the game will fix it. If there was no paw action for at least 30 seconds, the game will say meow to reignite the kitty’s interest. All in all, it’s a decent game for a feline, which comes at a $0 price. If you don’t mind a bright Friskies logo, of course.  

Teach your cat to catch dinner with Cat Fishing 2

Pocket Pond 2 – Scaly Meditation

Pocket Pond 2 app screenshotFrankly speaking, Pocket Pond isn’t for pets. The app is pets. This game challenges you to manage a pond inhabited with koi fish. Koi – also known as Amur karp – is an extremely gorgeous fish species that originally comes from Siberia, China, and Japan.

Your tasks will include cleaning the pond daily, earning the in-game currency koins and interacting with the magic fishies. They react every time you touch the screen. Traditionally, a pond with koi was a part of a Japanese Zen garden. This is why the game feels so soothing and meditative.

If you have been a koi fan for a long time, this game is just what you need. Especially if you look at the koi price – they charge $60,000 per one specimen. But there’s a downside: you can’t back up your game progress.

Breed magic fish with Pocket Pond 2

Fluffy Friends

We hope this app selection will help you make your pet (or pets) a bit happier. But no doubt no app can ever replace your love for them. DO you know any other iOS pet apps that would look great on this list? Let us know in the comments!