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5 Apps for Meditation and Fighting Stress

According to experts, up to 35% of the total population of the planet have experienced anxiety. And this year, due to the pandemic, dealing with it can be more difficult. Specialized apps are great helpers in this situation. We have picked the five best meditation apps 2021 that will bring significant benefits to your health and improve your overall well-being.

Smiling Mind

It is a free and easy to use iOS and Android app. Interestingly, the meditation programs here are divided into groups by age and situations. So, there are separate sessions for the whole family, adults, and children (from three years old) for therapy during breaks at work or at school, which will set you in the right mood. You can customize a reminder system, and the app will notify you when you need to meditate. And by using a simple and clear spreadsheet, you can track your progress.

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MyLife Meditation by Stop. Breathe. Think

Free, but with the option to get a premium account, the MyLife Meditation app has repeatedly become the best in its category. It is not surprising since it was developed in collaboration with professional therapists and educators. It will help you assess your inner state and offer an individual program to deal with what bothers you. Take a few minutes a day to meditate, and very soon, it will become a habit.

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Oak — Meditation & Breathing

In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful meditation apps for anxiety. Each page is done in soft pastel colors, and you can relax, even just looking at them. There are guided meditation sessions up to 30 minutes, unguided ones up to 24 hours, breathing exercises, and even a Mantra meditation course. If you wish, you can simply turn on nature sounds before bed to make it easier for you to relax. Just do not forget to set a timer, then you do not have to wake up to turn off the app.

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Calm is another relaxation app that has been co-developed by mental health professionals. There are programs and sessions for both beginners and advanced users. Breathing exercises, nature sounds, and short sessions can help you de-stress during your workday. What sets it apart from many other analogs is its Sleep Stories section. Jerome Flynn, Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry, and others have voiced over a hundred short stories for adults and kids.

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Aura has one of the largest libraries of meditation sessions. The app not only offers you interesting sessions and a variety of soothing tracks but also analyzes your activity. The more you use it, the more personalized the sessions and music lists offered will be. It also has a gratitude journal. In it, try to write down everything for which you are grateful to yourself during the day. It will help you improve your mood and change the general outlook on your life.

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Make Your Life Better with Apps for Meditation

Meditation apps are an excellent way to learn mindfulness, overcome stress, and find peace of mind without seeking professional help. We hope you can pick a suitable program on our list. What app would you recommend?