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YouTube Kids is an app that shows only those videos that are appropriate for children. Besides, parental control is obligatory for setting up an account.  

User Interface 8/10

YouTube Kids takes the classic YT art-style and transforms it into a bright cartoonish mess. The GUI may look messy, but it’s not chaotic by any means. All content is neatly structured and divided into categories. And each one of them has a funny-looking icon: a music note, light bulb, bucket of popcorn, etc.

Functionality 8/10

YouTube kids contains hundreds of shows designed specifically for little viewers. Here you will find such kindergarten blockbusters as:

  • Peppa Pig;
  • The Octonauts;
  • Harry the Bunny;
  • Talking tom and Friends;
  • Pororo the Little Penguin

And many others. Apart from entertainment, YouTube Kids shows will also tell your child about the alphabet, basics of math, the concept of music and art, wildlife and animals, science, and so on.

You must be warned though: some inappropriate content still makes it past the fence. There can be found adult anime, GTA V or RDR 2 walkthroughs and cartoons with scenes of cruelty or murder on YT Kids.

Luckily, you can block and flag such content right in the app. Additionally, it’s possible to set a screen timer so your kid won’t sit for too long gazing at the smartphone. If you worry about the bad stuff, you can select Approved Content only. And, to make things even safer, choose the age category: Pre-School, Older, etc.  

App’s Performance 6/10

YouTube Kids does a decent job of delivering awesome content. And you won’t have much trouble finding new shows, cartoons, and educational vids. But at the same time, it can be quite buggy.  

The app tends to shut in the middle of a show sometimes. Besides, it has a strong presence of the red color: both background and selection frame are red. So if you broadcast YT Kids to a TV, you may have a hard time telling which show you’ve just selected.

It has no screen-lock either. Children are notorious for touching stuff erratically. This may lead to switching to another video, closing the app or launching some other random applications. (Especially your mobile banking app).  

Usability 9/10

YouTube Kids can be a great helper if you’re a busy parent. There’s always something to entertain and keep your child busy with, while you’re taking care of things. The content menu is versatile and rich. Besides, it’s being monitored 24/7 so no dangerous stuff can sneak in.  

Compatibility 9/10

The application is available for iOS and Android. Most of Android gadgets support the app. As for Apple users, they will need at least iOS 9.0 to make it work.


YouTube Kids will make a good companion for your child. It provides a cornucopia of fine kids shows that will discover the wonders of the world for them. And extra safety measures will help guard your little ones from unwanted stuff.


  • Free of charge;
  • Rich collection of videos;
  • Family-friendly design and content


  • Buggy performance;
  • Occasional inappropriate videos
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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