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The Wonder Bible™ app always has a collection of God's words at hand. It enables people with visual impairments to listen to the Bible wherever necessary. This audio preposition will help connoisseurs of the Christian religion with instructions on the right path. Keep the word of God always with you, wherever you are; it will help you hear it in a couple of clicks.


The application is convenient for both reading and listening to chapters. It contains many books with God's instructions. The ability to make notes in different colors comes in handy when you are interested in a specific text from the Bible. Convenient search that will help you find the desired chapter or book. And also, you can easily keep track of pages, chapters, or even old and new scriptures where you left off, as the application has a page memorization function. It works perfectly, and I did not notice any errors for a decent period of using it. Take notes for yourself, and expand your favorite list of books that you like the most.

The event history will help you keep informed about which books are the latest or what changes have been made to them. Moreover, you can schedule reading for any day or stretch it out even for a whole year. For people who have vision problems, an NIV system plays an audio track in real time. But there is a price to pay for this privilege. It's like a talking bible! 
This app includes:

  • Old Testament;
  • New Testament;
  • The version of many famous people. 

All you need to do is just install the application with one click, find the covenant you are interested in, and listen to it with pleasure on the road or while relaxing.


The interface is high quality and easy to use. It works without any freezes. From its simplicity, you can select a convenient menu with all the necessary sections for comfortable use. The icons do not look very good at first, but you get used to them and find your pluses in this situation. Pages between sections and stages are easy to find, which saves a lot of time.


The app runs smoothly with no hint of incorrect operation, as it’s made professionally by people who know a lot about quality. Wonder Bible makes it possible to correct the font you like and its size. The application never caused any errors. That will allow you to enjoy the instructions and will not blow up at an unexpected moment for you.


Spending time on this application will help you enjoy your day and learn something new for yourself. It's also very cool to listen to an audiobook before going to bed, and it's great for this.


Although the application is not suitable for everyone, only true lovers of the Christian religion will appreciate it. But that doesn't mean it won't appeal to people who don't have much to do with it. The simplicity will help even a child to understand this app without much effort. It will allow everyone to experience old and new letters, gospels, and psalms.

I recommend spending at least 1 hour a day listening to charge yourself for the whole day. You will feel much better.


  • Useful and also a pleasant pastime;
  • A well-made application that is easy to understand;
  • Many different scriptures for every taste.


  • There was a problem with creating your own profile, but it was soon resolved;
  • Notes are sometimes displayed in a different color than the one they were originally made.


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