Stick War: Legacy



In Stick Wars Legacy, you are still commanding an army of silhouette-like stick figures into battles with other stick armies around the land of Inamorta. This is a unique game without any learning curve that’s quite easy to adapt to if you’ve previously played it on your browser. New powerful skins have also been unveiled for this version.  

Graphics and Sound: 4/5

The game’s primary distinction is its unique cartoony graphics looking like they are straight off MS Paint. This version of Stick Wars has lots of color and depth, unlike previous releases. A lot more attention is paid to the character detail this time around. Another great part about the game is how uncluttered the entire UI is. Menu items and your catalog are all displayed with unique icons in the top quarter of the screen. The design is responsive, and the character movement is fluid.

While the Stick War franchise has never been the prettiest looking game, Legacy does keep to the uniqueness of the previous releases. The sound is appropriate for the battle sequences, but the voice acting is lacking.  

Story Plot: 4/5

In the land of Inamorta, various factions are devoted to their own beliefs to the point of war. You are charged with leading your own stick army into a battle for dominance to ensure peace even at the cost of all-out war. The ultimate aim is to destroy the enemy statue and capture their territory. The game also requires a good deal of strategy to know which characters to deploy. Gold is a precious resource, and collecting it can help you develop your units. Striking a balance between the workers and warriors is the crucial angle of the strategy.  

Legacy offers three game modes: classic, tournament, and survival. Survival mode takes you into an endless battle with zombie hordes, while tournament pits you directly against other players. Fights evolve from small warriors to boss battles featuring giants such as the Spearton.  

Controls: 3/5

The controls in Stick War have always been quite fluid, but the latest update has made them terribly slow and unresponsive. This means that you might find it difficult to perform actions when you need to. Controls are a matter of tapping the associated on-screen menu button, and this becomes quite repetitive and monotonous after a while.  

Difficulty: 3/5

Legacy has little to no learning curve, and anyone can pick the game up easily. It is essential to understand the different factions you are fighting against and adapt your strategy accordingly. For example, what works against the Archidons won’t necessarily work against the Magikill. The classic mode isn’t as easy as you might think, while the survival can be described as brutal.  


Stick War: Legacy provides a lot of fun and action, and it is quite an intriguing game, to say the least. Don’t let the cartoon graphics fool you. This game can keep you playing for hours, although you’ll still run out of levels to play. Battling against both AI and human enemies is exhilarating, although the game doesn’t have many things to do.  


  • Simple and responsive user interface;
  • Offers three different playing modes and difficulty levels.  


  • Lacks enough content and levels.  
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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