Developer: Com2uS Corp.


Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is a tactical turn-based RPG with beautiful graphics and controlled combat. Your task as a portal master is to save the world of the Heavenly Lands! This game will not let you get bored. It has a lot of characters for every taste. It includes an interesting plot, and you can play it with friends.

Story Plot

The plot is fascinating and addictive. Your task is to protect the world of the Heavenly Lands, which is trying to capture the Evil Kaos with the help of portals and black magic. The game is divided into chapters accompanied by high-quality story videos. Each stage has 3 types of difficulty, which will not let you get bored after completing the storyline.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very cool and pleasing to the eye. The developers paid a lot of attention to beautiful 3D models. Thus, these characters look quite realistic. The skills’ effects are well-done and are captivating every time you use them. Excellent visualization of the fantasy world in each location has its own atmosphere, adding interest to the game.

As well as the graphics, the sounds are really fantastic. Each skill has its own sound effect. In the battle mode, you can directly feel every blow inflicted by the characters. A lot of awesome music in the background, especially charming in your city, makes it clear that you are safe.


Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is amazing with its play options, and the variety of characters in the game will keep you entertained. The only thing is that you do not always get the character you are interested in since they drop out randomly, and you will have to call the hero many times to get it. But if luck is on your side, you will get it from the very first calls. 

There are many types of characters that are responsible for a particular task, and each of them has its own element. Depending on the element, you can select your target for attack and deal with it more efficiently. Each summoned character has its own level, which can be increased by sacrificing others or using special stones as well as runes that allow you to strengthen them. The game has multiplayer, allowing you to play with friends and spar with them or create your own guild. 

If you create your squad correctly, which consists of 3 heroes, you can easily defeat your opponents. The daily reward system will help you with the resources you need, so don't miss the opportunity to pick them up. An important resource in the game is energy which allows you to fight. If the energy runs out, then you will have to take a break until it is restored.


What makes the game difficult is that it has a bunch of different bosses, and for each, you need to choose your own approach and strategy, properly building your team for this. What happens is not just because of the many elements you can make. You may not get one of them. To defeat at least 1 boss, you will have to devote a lot of time to the skills and equipment of the heroes to build your strategy properly.

I advise you to prepare your squad in front of the boss carefully. Do not rush to defeat him immediately; you better collect the necessary resources to strengthen your heroes as much as possible.

The game is perfect for those who like to build their strategy and overcome brutal battles, and it also provides a good opportunity to compete with other people. Although it is quite challenging to master, having understood it, you will get a lot of pleasure from playing it.






  • Lots of interesting characters
  • Nice graphics with beautiful backgrounds
  • Great storyline.


  • It's hard to figure out the combat system at times.


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