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Merge Plane is a game that contains the features of Clicker Game and Merging Game. Altogether it provides you with an exciting playing experience. Download it and play on the go where you do not need to pay too much attention to the gameplay.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Design is simple but nice with colorful backgrounds and animated planes of various shapes and exterior. Progressing in-game you get even more interesting aircrafts. The gameplay mechanic is also simple here.

Story Plot 5/5

You should create a plane in order to upgrade it, fly and earn money. For the first half an hour of playing this game, you will definitely enjoy creating planes. They become more powerful, you get more money, while the new planes don’t cost much and you are involved in the process. But soon the level turns to be more complicated, it takes longer to make a new aircraft and its cost increases greatly. You get tired of those obstacles and repetitiveness. In order to catch the interest of players, the developer suggests some additional features. You will not only view advertisement to get the in-game currency and spend it but also you will be suggested to complete quests and earn gems needed for the higher cost planes or you can buy them. In addition, Merge Plane offers a membership option. You can buy a weekly subscription delivering bonuses. Enjoy a free trial period.

There is a tournament mode inviting you to play with other players and get stunning rewards.

Controls 5/5

There are very comprehensive controls allowing you to play in a quick manner. Just tap the elements you need and follow the guide. As far as this is an idle game, there are activities which are performed automatically. You are not to navigate planes as far as they fly without your participation. The game continues running even when the app is closed and you do not see what is happening there.

Difficulty 4/5

Here you will build your own fleet and choose the best strategy to manage your budget. Over 50 types of aircraft are available. The app supports an idle system when the planes fly automatically. And your money increases even if you are offline. It looks like there is no difficulty at all. But the higher the level, the more complicated the creation of planes become.


Merge Plane boasts of addictive qualities provided by the gameplay style. It is really an efficient stress reliever due to its repetitiveness which can be used after a long day at work. Merging makes the planes more powerful and speedy and that brings more coins. You will have a lot of fun.


  • It supports several languages;
  • There are a lot of types of planes;
  • Extra help or money is available by viewing the advertisement.


  • Crashes are possible;
  • Lack of longevity;
  • A lot of in-app purchases going up to a hundred dollars.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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