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Jitsi Meet is a free 100% open-source application allowing videoconferencing. If you do not like Zoom for any special reason, you are welcome to join the users of Jitsi Meet and communicate with your colleagues, family, friends.

Go ahead

Start your video chatting with a group of people without restrictions almost. Are you surprised? But this is true – you can arrange video chatting with any number of participants if a server power allows. The bandwidth is also a limiting factor. The app is encrypted by default and that means you can be sure in the privacy of your talks. Also, the chatting rooms can be locked for better protection from unwanted visitors.

You can keep the situation under control by applying a password. The sounding and videos are of a high quality due to Opus and VP8. Being one hundred percent open source, the app unites people from all over the world. Here you can share presentations and desktop if it is needed. It allows us to edit the documents with colleagues simultaneously using Etherpad. There is an integrated chat that can be of help when you arrange a video conference.

Apply emojis when you send messages to make them more clear and personal. Also, you are suggested to record meetings if it is vital and share the screen. By the way, the app supports a tile view, if you care. Actually, it is very convenient to see everybody during the conversation.

How to use it?

The app is well done with an intuitive interface. You do not need to download it when you want to enter the conversation for the first time. It runs directly within the browser you use. All that you should do to invite participants to the conference is to send the conference URL. In order to start a call, you should:

  • open the Jitsi call page;
  • find the text telling you to start a new meeting;
  • enter a meeting name in an empty box here;
  • click "Go";
  • inform other participators of the meeting via a text or e-mail and tell them a password.

In order to switch the call to the tile view, you should find the four little boxes placed somewhere in the bottom-right corner and click. If you click again, you will switch back. Apply this option when the call has already started.

It should be given a try

The solution is really good and should be tried even if you use anything else for the same purpose being satisfied with it. Believe us the smooth operation, high quality of the video, simple usage will be a strong argument for Jitsy Meet. Be sure that the app does not sell your personal data and as you remember you can use it without having your account here.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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