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Garmin Connect is a slick, feature-rich app for managing your health and fitness data. Users can access advanced analytics, datasheets, and charts that are necessary if you feel like elevating your workouts to a more professional level.  

Interface and Design – 8/10

Garmin Connect pulls off an incredible feat – it is capable of clearly visualizing a mindboggling amount of data in intuitive and understandable charts, flows, and diagrams.  

The slick black interface paired with vibrant blues and oranges is easy to navigate but, more importantly, learning clear, actionable insights regarding your health, calories, and workout routines is a piece of cake.  

That being said, a lot of data is still a lot of data, so you can expect to get lost within the app’s features upon the first couple of launches. Dig deeply though, and you’ll find the gold!

Key Functions – 10/10

You will need a compatible wearable Garmin device to access all of the app's features such as the creation of new workout routines, or courses.

The app adds nice elements of gamification to raise the stakes and make fitness more fun – you can invite friends in order to compete against one another. Or you can always check out how you measure against other Garmin users.  

All of these social elements or additional bells and whistles are pretty cool. Still, Garmin Connect is a fitness app at its core, so the main focus of the functionality revolves around viewing health-related data in real-time, activity analysis, and synchronization with other apps to pull data from. This is where Garmin Connect shines brightest.

Usability – 8/10

Garmin Connect visualizes a lot of data. From heart rate to steps to a calculator of intensity minutes to quality of one’s sleep to body battery – the list can go on and on. The designers of the application did an excellent job of visualizing all of these charts and stats, but there is still a lot of them. You’ll need to get used to the app before utilizing it to its full potential.  

Cross-Platform Use – 10/10

Garmin Connect is available on both iOS and Android. The app is also integrated with Strava and MyFitnessPall, so you shouldn’t experience any compatibility issues. Don’t forget that you’ll need a Garmin device to pick up the data though.  

The Verdict

Garmin Connect is a handy app for those looking for a centralized hub managing all things health and fitness. The availability of data will help you in making smart decisions instead of educated (or not so much) guesses.  


  • Insightful real-time analytics
  • Clear, intuitive interface and understandable stats
  • Compatibility with other fitness applications


  • Limited to Garmin devices only
  • Easy to get lost in the numbers
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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