Garena Free Fire: Kalahari



Garena Free Fire is a battle royale genre game created by the studio Garena International.

Gameplay 8/10

The basis of the gameplay is trying to survive in a big battle royale: you have a character who flies on the plane and parachutes to the island. Then actions begin. It's necessary to run, look for weapons and equipment, hide from the shots of enemies, try to move quietly, and live as long as possible. If you manage to survive last, then you will be given a lot of various game resources for the character's development.

The set of the basic equipment consists only of clothes and a knife, so it is very important to choose the right place for landing, avoiding the most dangerous areas. It depends on the chosen area whether you can find other weapons, and at the same time not become an easy target.

To keep players from hiding in secluded places, the developers added the Zone to the game process. It's a deadly area that constantly narrows, forcing participants to move around the map actively. The presence of it makes the gameplay more interesting and completely unpredictable.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics in the game deserve special attention, every detail is well-designed, and there are added high-quality and interesting models. The developers have created realistic physics in Garena Free Fire which makes you fully get into the process.

There are not so many options for creating the appearance, anyway, you can find various clothes. We'd like to see the possibility to customize our personage more, but this way is always not bad.

Replay Value 9/10

This game can be played over and over because every time it's possible to act in a new way. You can land in a safe place or choose a dangerous area with powerful guns. Also, it's possible to act stealthily or destroy everything on the way. In addition to it, multiplayer mode allows playing with friends in squads. We're sure that the game will catch your attention for a long time.

Controls 10/10

You should pay tribute to the developers of Free Fire. They did everything to make the game greatly suitable for mobile screens. Movements are controlled on the left part of the screen. The shooting button is located on the right.


Garena Free Fire is very well optimized game, which is very important for shooters. The fact that the game is free, makes it only better. Also, it is important to mention that there are no in-game purchases that affect the game itself, they only make the picture better.


  • Realistic physics and graphics;
  • Great variety of guns;
  • Good performance.


  • Sometimes there appear cheaters.
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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