Gacha Neon


Gacha Neon is an addition to the game Gacha Club. Your task is to create avatars that you like. And with the Gacha Neon add-on, you get a lot of additional changes for your avatar.

Graphic and Sound

Gacha Neon has interesting graphics of a fantastic role-playing game accompanied by energetic music, as well as effects in the game. It offers a lot of beautiful gacha models and costumes for them, which you spend a lot of time on.


Gacha games are a fairly popular project in which you collect gacha. These are figures made in anime format that have many types. In training, when you first start the game, you are taught how to dress your gacha, choose the right clothes, accessories, and pets. Also, this guide tells in detail about the plot, battles, and mini-games. Immediately after the training, you get to the main character page, where all the customization functionality is available in the menu on the right. The assortment of all things is expanded for every add-on, such as Gacha Neon. 

This add-on is free, so it will not be difficult to install it. You can also transfer your progress from the main version to it. You can customize more than 100 Chegoi to your taste:

  • change their clothes
  • pick clothes’ color
  • edit their appearance
  • change the color of Gruz
  • remove any body
  • add a pet (there are over 200 pieces in the game)
  • pick poses (more than 700 poses are available). 

If you click on your character a couple of times, he will give you different signs, such as winks, or strange movements, which makes it possible to interact with your gachas.

In battle mode, it will help you discharge, and when you just get tired of collecting a gacha or editing them, you can go through the storyline. Your entire squad participates in the battle, and when you win, you get a lot of useful resources. Or the training mode, which is quite difficult for a weak squad, but if you pass the training, you can get a lot of rare resources. Spend a lot of time customizing your character as well as developing his power all the same for you in Neon Gacha.


There is no intricate control in the game. Everything is relatively simple; just poke at the screen and choose the action you need. The battles take place in auto mode. If you wish, you can choose the types of impact. Gacha Neon is designed for a collection of various gachas, so there is little time for management. Go for in-game currency, and buy rare gachas if you want to create them yourself. In all this, ordinary clicks on the screen are inflated.

Try to interact with players in the open world more often, this will help you get a lot of interesting items, and some of them can give you rare resources.


The game is a good option for collectors or those who like to pay special attention to the characters’ appearance. You can spend thousands of hours on it, and it will not get boring. The developers have provided battle modes that push you to open new gacha with different elements for those tired of long gacha changes. Moreover, you may find the possibility of farming some rare resources.


  • Cool style in anime;
  • Unique graphics in neon verse;
  • You can play the game without registration and from any device;
  • An extensive character editor in which you can spend a lot of time.


  • I would like to expand the list of things more often, as many things were left in the previous version and did not carry over to this add-on;
  • It would be nice to take a photo of your squad in the game.


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